Workbenches are equipped stations for activities of assembly, packaging, screwing and other processes.

Our experience in managing ergonomics has allowed us to realize workstations suitable for the operator and his movements.

The sectors most interested in this product are: automotive, packaging, electronics, appliances.

Aesthetic Value

All our workbenches respect ergonomic needs in according to the industrial enviroment in which they are.

This is why, both in design and in manufacturing, we consider the aethetic value as one of the most important aspects.

Type of Materials

Our structures are realized in aluminium profile and/or painted steel and stainless steel, in according to applications and needs.

Tabletop without Border

The tabletop without border is made of rough MDF, black laminated MDF and rubber coated plywood.

Tabletop with Border

The tabletop with border is made of coated grey chipboard and antistatic.

This last one is composed by wood with graphite that prevents accumulation of electrostatic charges.

We supplier also the “Antistatic Kit” with connected bracelet .

Ground Supports

In order to ground supports, it’s possible to choose feets or wheels depending on need to move or not the workbench.


Our workbenches are suppliers upon request with:

  • Led lights
  • Switches
  • Monitor supports
  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • Air attacks
  • Rollers
  • Milper Code
  • Workbench for packaging dim.1800×800 h=900/2000mm with actuators
  • Tabletop without border in rough MDF, black laminated and rubber coated plywood, adjustable thanks to electric actuators, and with a shelf as good’s support in silver anodized sheet thk 2 mm
  • Lighting by LED ceiling light, device with 2 switches and electrical outlets from 1 to 6
  • Adjustable monitor support and sliding eyelet to support accessories and tools
  • Dimension:

A=1800 mm

B=2300 mm

C=890 mm

D=650-1100 mm

E=700 mm

This workbench represents the best joint of iron and aluminium, thanks to which we can supply a strong but modular product.

The supporting frame is made of iron and painted according to customer’s request.

Aluminium was used to regulate the shelves’ height and to slide the screwdriver supports.

Tabletop without border is rubber coated.

To satisfy any customer’s needs, we finally have personalized the workstation with a chest of drawers and with installation of electrical system.

In this case history, the workbench is formed by an aluminium frame.

The peculiarity of this station is that the tabletop is neither in MDF nor in chipboard, but in zinc sheet.

On the workbench the customer carries out welding processes, and because of this, he needed a strong material.

Moreover, we added a sliding vise, which moves along the top’s length.

Thanks to electric actuators, the station’s height is adjustable according to operator’s needs or to processes carried out.

In order to accessories, in this workbench we added a drawer, painted according to customer’s requests, the electrical system and small shelves for tools.

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