From over 20 years Milper projects and realizes aluminium safety guards for industrial machinery. There are different types of safety guards, in order to shape, type of material, claddings and accessories, according to your needs.


Today you can make your machinery unique with colored safety guards Made in Milper ! Thanks to particular processing technologies of the profile, it’s possible “to colour” and personalize it. Not only solid colours, but also special effects, such as pearl effect, metallic effect, carbon effect. Special covers, made just for you that want a little creativity in your work environment or in your product.

The most sparkling and shiny cover is the metallic one, so here are a couple of examples of metallic colours, such as red and blue.

Do you like them?

So, come on our website www.milper.it, take a look at our safety guards and tranfrom them with customizable covers !