Tiltable lift and work bench: our solutions to allow the correct logistics and manual handling of goods

The Tilting Lifter is a work platform designed to make the collection of objects or components in boxes or pallets ergonomic. At the base of this product there is a project, created according to the needs and requests of customers, which stands out for its research in design and its high customization according to the needs. As shown in the attachment, the operator can position his lifter with the relative crate according to the height and inclination he needs.

Workbenches are workstations equipped for assembly, packing, screwing and general work. Our experience in managing ergonomic issues has led us to create benches that can be adapted to the operator and his movements. The bench in the picture has actuators to be raised and lowered according to the needs of the operator.

Tiltable lift and Workbench together give life to an ergonomic work situation that perfectly meets current market needs: to facilitate the operator’s production process and guarantee continuous productivity.

One of the innovations of this ergonomic solution is the installation of SMM, a software that allows interfacing with external management systems, and therefore remote monitoring of all applications. Smm was born from the collaboration between Milper sas with Bnp srl and Sogea srl. The experiences gained in the automotive sector have led these three companies to invest in this new project which aims to make manual workstations as efficient as possible with particular attention to physical / cognitive ergonomics and the quality of assembled products.