For several years there has been talk of Industry 4.0, but what does this big word really mean and how does it involve small / medium-sized businesses like ours?

The definition of Wikipedia identifies Industry 4.0 as “a trend of industrial automation that integrates some new production technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase the productivity and production quality of the plants, through the use data, computing power and connectivity “.

We can certainly say that Industry 4.0 is both the cause and the effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which although it does not yet have a precise start date and a fixed duration, is taking place in these last few years and is involving us all.

In the caption that we have created specifically, we have gathered 4 main terms that best explain what this Industry 4.0 is composed of:

BIG DATA: it is the data collection based on the consumer and his purchasing habits, through the “objects” he uses every day, ie smartphones, tablets and PCs;
• OPEN DATA: it is the freedom granted to everyone to access data (research, events, relationships, etc.) relating to any area (economic, political, industrial, religious);
INTERNET OF THINGS: the internet of things is the extension of the internet to the world of objects, that is “things” like devices, equipment and systems, can monitor and transfer information to the external environment, allowing an almost physical collaboration between the world virtual and the real world;
MACHINE TO MACHINE: is the capacity of machinery and equipment to self-manage and self-monitor, thanks to the installation of cutting-edge systems, through which the intervention of man is totally (or largely) eliminated.

Industry 4.0 in everyday life …

All of you have certainly heard of at least one of these terms and, whether you like it or not, you have been involved in this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Suffice it to say that we all have a smartphone with an internet connection in our pocket (preferably fast), all of us at home on the desk have a PC, fixed or portable, or a tablet, we all bought something online at least once in a lifetime and all of us enter the internet at least once a day, or to watch the weather, or to know the result of a football match, or to listen to the latest news on the news, or even to get an idea of the recipe for Christmas lunch.

All this, whether you want it or not, is Industry 4.0.

and Industry 4.0 in business life

And in companies? In the management of normal administrative activities, in production strategies, in the launch of new products, … how does industry 4.0 work?

We can state in no uncertain terms that the impact is even stronger, because the company is made up of many elements that interact with the outside and it is necessary to revolutionize them all !!

We can state in no uncertain terms that the impact is even stronger, because the company is made up of many elements that interact with the outside and it is necessary to revolutionize them all !!

The company in fact consists of many parts, such as the pieces of a puzzle, which must fit together perfectly to create a single canvas: plant and machinery, technical and administrative office, production department, customers, suppliers, competition, products, and much else.

The common denominator of all these elements is called “Digital Transformation”. The Digital Transformation is the path of innovation focused on the maximum collaboration of all the players in the supply chain.

Enabling platforms? They are highly integrated management platforms, capable of connecting employees, partners and customers, according to access methods that favor the sharing and exchange of information in the name of maximum speed and transparency.

Production, warehouse, transport, orders and sales bypass all the limits associated with paper and manual processes, combining value-added dematerialization.