Modern technologies and a specialized staff are the strenghts in the management of precision machining.
Milper Steel born from a long experience in the metallic carpentry sector, through cutting, bending, shearing, turning and welding.
Thanks to a specialized staff, we create custom-designed projects, suitable for every application and sectors.
The main areas of application are: food industry, packaging, engineering, wood, textiles, marble, logistics and handling systems in general.

Aesthetic Value

Every single processing is carried out with the utmost care, allowing us to obtain perfect pieces in every detail and able to fully meet the needs of the customer.


The production department is coordinated by the technical office that deals with the project (3D) and quality control through the use of cutting-edge software technologies and tools.


Thanks to the experience of our specialized operators we are able to realize different type of welding, from those one on continuous wire and electrode welding to MIG and TIG welding.
Our welding operators are enabled with a dedicated license.


For our bendings we use equipment branded Wila, the system considered the future for bending presses.

We realize geometric pieces without altering the finish of materials.

Water and Plasma Cutting

Water-cutting technology allows cutting and drilling of maximum precision, obtaining a finished product perfectly polished.
Thanks to this machinery it’s possible to realize also shaped and personalized pieces.
The peculiarity of water cutting is the capacity to carry out working in any kind of material, from steel, to aluminium, to plastic material.

In addition to water cutting, to optimize processing times, we also use plasma cutting technology.


Our turning department stands out for its processing, advanced technology and quality of service.


In addition to specific carpentry work we internally manage services for the assembly of entire groups or pre-assembled parts, with professionalism and respect of the timing.

Plant Maintenance

We perform maintenance and periodic checks of industrial equipment and machinery thanks to highly qualified technicians.
The transmission roller in the picture is used by our customer in the paper-printing machine and it’s positioned near the blades, in the cutting-paper area.
The roller is made of aluminium, while the hubs, located in the ends of the roller and necessary to assembly the cylinder on the machine, are made of iron.
The main processes carried out in this product are plasma cutting, precision turning for the sleeve and toothing for the hubs.
For brushing we rely on one of our trusted suppliers.
This roller consists of a 155mm diameter sleeve and 12,5mm long bristles.
However, these are not standard sizes because we’re able to carry out processes both on smaller and bigger rollers (from 135 to 185mm diameter) and the length of bristles can be freely chosen by the customer according to needs.
Thanks to the collaboration between technical office and operators, we realize customized projects, paying maximum attention to customer’s requests.
The structure in the picture is the framework for packaging machinery and systems.
The frame consists of tubulars and bent iron sheets.
For this type of project, we carry out processes of cutting, milling and drilling of pieces.
As the customer’s request, we manufacture and install bent sheet that formed the installation space for electrical panels.
Moreover, we carry out welding processes to assemble the entire structure.
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