Milper Steel  is the result of a long experience in the field of metallic carpentry and is able to perform precision mechanical workings through cutting operations (both water and plasma cutting), milling, bending, shearing, gear cutting, turning and welding.

With its work and its achievements, it meets the needs of many industrial sectors: from the food industry to the packaging industry, from the metalworking industry to the wood industry, from the textile industry to that of marble and granite.


Our strengths

Precision, quality and reliability are the three key words that distinguish Milper Steel, while the specialized staff of which it is composed and the modern technologies that are used in the various processes identify its greatest strengths.

The collaboration of a team

Every single process is carried out with the utmost care, allowing us to obtain perfect pieces in every detail and able to fully meet the customer’s needs.

The production department is coordinated by the technical office that deals with 3D design and quality control through the use of cutting-edge software technologies and tools, which allow to simulate the real appearance of the finished product.

In addition to specific carpentry work, we manage services for the assembly of entire groups or pre-assembled parts, with professionalism and respect for deadlines.

Finally, we carry out plant maintenance operations by planning periodic checks on industrial machinery and equipment.

We carry out inspections ensuring a timely service that also includes the possibility of making spare parts and non-commercial parts.

Every project takes shape

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective of our work.

This is why we strive every day to ensure a high quality standard that we pursue continuously in all company processes: from the product, to the service, to technical assistance and to respect delivery times.

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