Also this year Milper will be present at the reference fair for the manufacturing industry!
We are talking about Mecspe 2019, which will be held in Parma from 28 to 30 March 2019.

You will find us at Hall 5, in the Motek Italy showroom – factory manipulation, assembly and automation – Stand N02.

The event is the Italian way for Industry 4.0. In fact Mecspe is not only important because it shows the main product innovations for different industrial sectors, but also, and above all, because it offers solutions on the front of digitalization and technological innovation.

The goal of Mecspe is to put “man at the center”, through adequate support in training and investments in human capital, for the creation of skills related to Industry 4.0 and digitization.

Our key words at the Mecspe: Ergonomics and Logistics, Safety and Aesthetic Value

When we brought together the sales department and the technical department to decide what to bring to the fair, we discussed what was innovative about us and our products. We thought about what visitors had asked for at the Mecspe of the previous year and what the old and new customers are asking for every day.

From this meeting we deduced that people are not looking for a specific product, but a concept, an ideal. They need to optimize production times and spaces within the factory, they want to improve productivity, they are willing to invest, they need and want to renew the working environment, but they don’t know exactly where to start.

It was here that we understood that what we had to bring to the Mecspe was not just a new product, but a new concept, indeed more concepts: ergonomics, logistics, aesthetic value, safety.

Ergonomics and Logistics

The only solution that meets both these needs is undoubtedly the workbench.

The workbench is in fact created with the aim of guaranteeing health and wellness requirements, as well as compliance with the criteria of adaptability, usability, comfort, and comprehensibility, making both the environment and the work activity tailored to the operator.

The counter you will find at Mecspe is entirely made with a structural aluminum profile.

It is equipped with actuators for height adjustment and an adjustable monitor support arm to allow ergonomic positioning of the screen.

Above the worktop we placed an electrical panel connected to a tightening system directly installed in the bench.

The control of the tightening operations and the work cycles is managed by a software born from the collaboration with Bnp srl and Sogea srl: the SMM software.


Safety and aesthetic value

To group the concepts of Safety and Aesthetic Value we have designed and created a unique solution composed of a conveyor belt and an aluminum protection.

The peculiarity of the tape is that it is equipped with adjustable sides according to the type of product to be handled or to its bulk.

As for the cabin, however, there are many new features.

First of all it is made with calendered aluminum profiles made internally.

The classic door opening is replaced by an automatic up-down system that follows the curve and the shape of the protection.

Furthermore, to improve the safety of the cab and the operator, we have installed LED light signals in two corners of the structure, which turn green when access to the machinery is permitted, and red when there are dangers.

So what are you waiting for?

COME AND VISIT US at Hall 5 – Stand N02!