Subject: How to build a successful brand through customer journey analysis

Our Managing Director, Massimo Perdoncin, participated in the training course “Minimaster in strategic and digital marketing“.

The course was held by Dr. Antonella Pescio, for years specialized in marketing consulting and brand development. The lessons, 4 in total, were held at the Niuko – Fòrema headquarters.

The objective of this path was to acquire the skills and methodologies necessary to create a successful brand and beat the competition in the digital age, to keep loyal customers and attract new ones, and above all to increase turnover and marginality.

During all the lessons, in addition to the theoretical part, dr. Pescio has brought real cases of well-known companies that have benefited from their brands.

For example, he spoke of Bisazza Mosaico, Grappa Nardini, Vagheggi. Three different companies, three different products, three different stories, but one goal: to increase turnover through the use of a brand.

In the third and fourth lessons, instead, the Marketing Directors of very important brands both at national and international level took the floor: Barilla, Pirelli, GIV, Manfrotto, Fondaco dei Tedeschi. Real testimonies of real successes.

It was a really interesting journey” – says our Managing Director Massimo Perdoncin – “First of all for the knowledge and preparation of Dr. Pescio, and then also for the care with which the whole course was organized, from presentations to to the final conclusions. ”

“The best part was undoubtedly that of being able to listen to the testimonies of Italian names known throughout the world and to be able to compare with them. Each of them brought their own experience and told their own story with the passion of those in these successful creation projects really believe. “

We attach the certificate of participation, proud of being able to share it with all of you who read us.