Safety guards are structures realized to prevent access to dangerous points for any type of industrial equipment.

We study and manufacture different type of guards, in according to needs, requests and style of customer.



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Additional Information:

Aesthetic Value

The whole range of aluminum protection for industrial machinery, in addition to respecting the functional needs of industrial equipment, adds aesthetic value to the entire working environment.

Because for us the high attention to materials joins the passion for attention to detail.

Type of Materials

Our industrial protections are made in aluminum profile and / or in painted and stainless steel, in relation to applications and needs


We offer safety guards on different shapes: squared, rounded and shaped.


Claddings consist of:

polycarbonate and alveolar polycarbonate (only Bayer brand):




– electrically welded-wire nets

– steel sheets

Coupling with Gaskets

The coupling between profiles and sheets, through claddings, are made with the help of gaskets that guarantee greater sealing and insulation.

Anti-dust, Anti-dirty

Thanks to our patented system of anti-dust and anti-dirt nets, using gaskets, we facilitate the cleaning of the structure and its maintenance, guaranteeing the total insulation of the profile slots.


We carry out special projects that meet the needs of anti-noise, through the internal coating with sound-absorbing material and the application of doors and hermetic closures.

  • Milper Code
  • Aluminium and polycarbonate guard, dim.1280×989 H=1800mm
  • Sloped tunnel dim.696x711mm micro Atex
  • Pivoting safety switch FD2095M2EX4 ATEX, 1NO+2NC, code
  • Autocentered closure by Butterfly handle cod.
  • Transparent polycarbonate claddings thk 2 mm code, and thk 3 mm code
  • Dimension

A=1280 mm
B=1800 mm
C=989 mm
D=696 mm

  • Milper Code
  • Window profile guard, dim.1500×1450 H=1169mm
  • Complementary Palladio hinges code and Palladio hinges with rear cable 2 mt with micro 1NO+2NC code
  • Bar closure for doors code
  • Transparent polycarbonate claddings thk 5 mm code, thk 8 mm code, and alveolar polycarbonate thk 8 mm code
  • Dimension:

A=1450 mm
B=1169 mm
C=1500 mm

  • Milper Code
  • Aluminium and polycarbonate guard, dim.1600×1000 H=960mm
  • Key safety switches FR993 (2NC) code with Pizzato adjustable actuator VF KEYD7 code
  • Door closure by gas springs 350N, C=150, hole int.=365, code
  • Transparent polycarbonate claddings thk 4 mm code, thk 8 mm code
  • Dimension:

A=1600 mm
B=960 mm
C=1000 mm

  • Milper Code
  • Silver Anodized upper cover, dim.1120×820 H=699mm
  • Transparent polycarbonate claddings thk 6 mm code and grey satinized D-bond buttler thk 3 mm code
  • Dimension:

A=1120 mm
B=699 mm
C=820 mm

  • Milper Code
  • Aluminium and polycarbonate guard, dim.2270×1400 H=800mm
  • Transparent polycarbonate claddings thk 3 mm code, grey D-bond thk 4 mm code
  • Dimension:


  • Milper Code
  • Aluminium and polycarbonate perimeter structure, dim.3350×2322 H=2535mm
  • Transparent polycarbonate claddings thk 4 mm code, grey D-bond thk 4 mm code

A=3350 mm
B=2535 mm
C=2322 mmm

Thanks to specific treatments for aluminum, we have obtained an aesthetical result similar to steel, but with minor costs.
In fact, aluminium requires less processing during transforming and it’s lighter than steel.
The final product is a safety guard less heavy and cheaper, but realized in aluminum.
This guard encloses our knowledge of aluminium sector and the consolidated experience in the steel sector of our subsidiary Milper Steel sas (Business Unit of Milper Group)  
The supporting frame, in painted steel, has been sized according to anti-seismic criteria and coupled with a structure made of aluminum profile with high insulation capacity.
Furthermore, for the access points, we have installed quick-opening doors.

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