Here is an industrial safety guard for automatic machines.

What’s special? The profile used to realize it. In fact it’s not the usual aluminium profile, no ! This is a special double-seal profile, explicity requested by the customer for his machinery.

Among to the more or less customizable accessories, we installed the hinge with integrated safety switch and the butting gasket to maintain high levels of isolation, while for claddings we chose the transparent polycarbonate thk.5 and thk.8 mm for the side walls and the alveolar polycarbonate thk.8 mm for the roof, thanks to its rigidity, its lightness and the excellent passage of light.

Regarding to the gasket it’s important to specify that ALL our structures, between profile and frame, have rubber gaskets suitable for isolation, ensuring a perfect seal. Thanks to the using of first choice materials we ALWAYS ensure an high resistance to aging.

Finally, for safety guard’s clousure we chose the bar clousure, because through the vertical movement of the rod and the relatives accessories, the closing of the door will be much more STABLE.



We remember you that our safety guards are customizable in all aspects, from shape to kind of material, from cladding to clousure.

Our technical office is constantly updated to find new ideas and to give new proposals for the realization of our products. Furthermore, it’s always available to offer consultation and support to our customers, to better satisfy all their needs.