The scissor lift table is a work platform realized to become a valid and ergonomic support to get objects and components into boxes or pallets.

Our lifters stand out for design research and for the possibility to customize them according to needs.

The tipper lift table is a work platform realized for emptying boxes or pallets in a safe and controlled manner.

Starting from the kind of product, we study solutions that maintain its integrity during the operation of overtuning.

Aesthetic Value

All our range of lifters and tippers, in addition to respect the functional needs requested by the customer, adds aethetic value to the whole enviroment.

Type of Materials

Our structures are realized in aluminium profile and/or painted steel and stainless steel, in according to applications and needs

Loading/Unloading with Forklift Truck or Manual Pallet Trucks

First of all, it’s important to explain that our lifters and tippers can be loaded and unloaded either with forklifts or with manual pallet trucks.

Control of Movements and Loads

Our lifters are equipped with a series of electronic cards that allows a power supply with universal voltage, from 220 to 600 Volt, and the management of height and tilting.
Furthermore, a load cell system is installed in order to control and manage the weights to which the lift is subjected according to well-defined parameters (weight, load’s barycenter, … ) thus avoiding unbalancing.

Interfacing with External Software

The application of electronic cards allows the interfacing with external management software, permitting remote monitoring of all operations.


This implementation combined with a block system with alarm, allows a safe use for lifting and tipping funtions up to 180°.


Personalize and recalled as needed Workplans (up to 10 job): for example, it’s possible to insert several different configurations within a single work cycle.


Items-counter with +/- 2 per thousand precision
  • Milper Code
  • Lifter with payload 2000 kg, dim.1420×1625
  • Oil dynamic cylinder be4/550/110-D=151-1Gd
  • Iron structure with sheet thk 4 mm and 20 mm
  • Dimension:

Load capacity (kg)

Effective load space (mm)

External dimension (mm)

Load height from floor (mm)

Manimum height from floor (mm)

Scissor Lift table (S)

Tipper lift table (R) 1200 800x500 1420x925x325 41 630 S 1500 800x1000 1420x1425x325 41 630 S 2000 800x1200 1420x1625x325 41 630 S 1200 800x500 1420x925x325 41 630 R 1500 800x1000 1420x1425x325 41 630 R 2000 800x1200 1420x1625x325 41 630 R

We realized a scissor lift table for a company operating in the automotive sector that needed to make more ergonomic the picking of aluminium components, from boxes, in the pre-assembly phase.

The platform was realized completely in iron and allows the load through trans pallet from the opposite side than operator.

In this case the customer needed an high inclination, so we integrated the possibility to tilt the machinery up to 150°.

The requested load capacity was about 1500 kg, and because of this we added some security ballasts and a block system to avoid overturning.

The electronic card joined to an external software allows to control all phases of the scissor lift.

We installed some load’s cells as weight’s control and an items-counter with +/-2 per thousand precision. 


This scissor lift, realized according to our customer’s needs and requests, allows the load through forklift from 3 sides, everyone except the operator’s one.

The maximum requested tilt was about 45°, and the load capacity had to be between 500 and 2000 kg, because the lift would be used in a warehouse, with pallets of different weights.

Also this scissor lift had an electronic card to allow in a second moment, in order to requested times and ways, the implementation of transducers to control inclination and other features of the machinery.

A laser perimeter barrier makes the scissor lift very safe and defends the operator during the use. 

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